About Us

We are an innovative matchmaking platform that represents the common interest of Latin American and Southeast Asian business in promoting bilateral trade, investments and collaboration between the regions, having Singapore as a hub.


Our Objectives



CREATE AN ACTIVE PLATFORM in Singapore to bring together individuals, companies and other organizations in order to develop business opportunities between Southeast Asia and Latin America


PROMOTE & DEVELOP trade, services and investments between Southeast Asia and Latin America.


FOSTER CROSS-CULTURAL RELATIONS between Singapore, the region and Latin America.


Work together with key public and private institutions in Singapore and Latin America.

Promote the interests of Latin American business people in Singapore and the region by providing ADVOCACY and collaboration.

Our raison d’être

The growth of global market forces, especially in Asia and Latin America has encouraged promising opportunities for commercial relations between Asia and Latin America.

In the last few years, Asia and Latin America have placed the cultivation of a relationship between the two regions at the forefront of their governmental agendas in order to facilitate trade, investment opportunities, and cooperation.

However, there is still room for improvement, especially in regards to SMEs. In order to maximize on the abundant potentials, institutions should act as avenues for the exchange of knowledge and experience by aiming to develop a strong relationship between the two regions.

In light of this and existing within the private sector, the Latin American Chamber of Commerce aims to become the key facilitator in creating a bridge for business in Asia and Latin America.

Our Structure

Management Board 

Our Management Board consists of recognized individuals from the private sector who have excelled in their professions and who have strong ties both in Singapore and Latin America. The Management Board formulates and approves the strategy and long term goals for LatAmCham. This Board is responsible for managing the Executive Office.


Honorary President<br />
Mr Eduardo Ramos-Gomez
Honorary President
Mr Eduardo Ramos-Gomez
Managing Partner
Duane Morris & Selvam LLP
Honorary Vice President<br />
Mr Mario Buenrostro
Honorary Vice President
Mr Mario Buenrostro
Managing Director
Honorary Secretary<br />
Mrs Angela Marcela Restrepo
Honorary Secretary
Mrs Angela Marcela Restrepo
Colemar Trading Pte Ltd
Honorary Treasurer<br />
Mr Rodrigo Felippe Afonso
Honorary Treasurer
Mr Rodrigo Felippe Afonso
Executive Manager Investment Relations
Banco do Brasil Group
Honorary Assistant Secreatary<br />
Mrs Gabriela Ruiz Limón
Honorary Assistant Secreatary
Mrs Gabriela Ruiz Limón
Sales Director Asia Pacific
Rudesinda Vega
Honorary Assitant Treasurer<br />
Mr Jose Carlos Reis
Honorary Assitant Treasurer
Mr Jose Carlos Reis
Executive Director, Head of Sales
BB Securities Asia Pte Ltd.
Banco do Brasil Group
Honorary Member<br />
Mr Aydin Ilhan
Honorary Member
Mr Aydin Ilhan
Founder & Director
Suncaged Analytics
Honorary Member<br />
Mr Rodrigo Martinez
Honorary Member
Mr Rodrigo Martinez
Kairos Society ASEAN

Legal Adviser

Mr Chandra Mohan K Nair
Mr Chandra Mohan K NairPartner
Tan Rajah & Cheah

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of Ambassadors of the countries of Latin America with presence in the region and Singapore to Latin American countries; and representatives of government agencies. They provide valuable guidance to the Management Board to set the strategies of LatAmCham in order to achieve its mission and objectives.


Mr Mauricio Baquero Pardo
Mr Mauricio Baquero PardoChargé d'Affairs
Embassy of Colombia to Singapore
Mr Roberto Blaco
Mr Roberto BlacoChargé d'Affairs
Embassy of Cuba to Singapore
HE Ricardo Luis Bocalandro
HE Ricardo Luis BocalandroAmbassador of Argentina to Singapore
HE Choo Chiau Beng
HE Choo Chiau BengAmbassador of Singapore to Brazil
HE Jennie Chua
HE Jennie ChuaAmbassador of Singapore to Mexico
Ms Chong Siak Ching
Ms Chong Siak ChingAmbassador of Singapore to Chile
HE Flavio Damico
HE Flavio DamicoAmbassador of Brazil to Singapore
HE Giam Chin Toon
HE Giam Chin ToonAmbassador of Singapore to Peru
HE Rogelio Granguillhome Morfin
HE Rogelio Granguillhome MorfinAmbassador of Mexico to Singapore
HE Jairo Hernandez
HE Jairo HernandezAmbassador of Costa Rica to Singapore
Mr Michael Hwang
Mr Michael HwangAmbassador of Singapore to Argentina
HE Carlos Irigaray Santana
HE Carlos Irigaray SantanaAmbassador of Uruguay to Vietnam and Singapore
HE James Sinclair Manley
HE James Sinclair ManleyAmbassador of Chile to Singapore
HE Manuel Talavera
HE Manuel TalaveraAmbassador of Peru to Singapore
HE Alfredo Toro Hardy
HE Alfredo Toro HardyAmbassador of Venezuela to Singapore
Mr Fausto Valle
Mr Fausto ValleFounder and CEO, Atix Consultants
Former Ambassador of Ecuador to Singapore

Executive Office

The Executive Office is represented by the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible of materializing the strategies and goals of the LatAmCham.

The Executive Office is assisted by a Business Support Team.


Angela Torres-Andresen
Angela Torres-AndresenExecutive Director & Founder
Gabriela Ruiz Limón
Gabriela Ruiz LimónHead Business Support

A message from the Founder and Executive Director, Angela Torres-Andresen

Dear Members and Friends of the LatAmCham,

Thank you for your interest in the Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

LatAmCham is a noble initiative. It started as a cultural project promoting Latin American artists in Singapore. The overwhelming response from the Latin American community in Singapore at these cultural activities caught my attention and made me realise the importance of having an institution that could foster cultural and business relations between Latin America and Southeast Asia.

As a result, the idea of a Chamber of Commerce came to life and the “Latin American Chamber of Commerce” was officially registered on February 14th 2014 in the Registry of Societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

LatAmCham’s first goal is to create a vibrant and active Latin American business community in Singapore. Its second goal is to become the key facilitator in creating a bridge to connect business in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

LatAmCham is dedicated to creating matchmaking opportunities to help its members to discover new markets and business opportunities at a low cost, with minimal risk, and the confidence of communicating in a known business cultural environment. At the same time, LatAmCham acts as an advocate for its members in one united voice.

As Founder and Executive Director of the LatAmCham I would like to thank all our members and our Advisory and Management Board for their continual trust and commitment.

Lastly, I would like to invite each of our members to make full use of the LatAmCham as a platform for their businesses because LatAmCham essentially belongs to its members.