About the Chamber



About Latamcham


The  Latin American Chamber of Commerce (Singapore), known as "LatAmCham" was established in 2014, as the first Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Asia.

LatAmCham is a non-profit and independent membership association that brings together individuals, companies and other organizations in order to develop business and investment opportunities and cross-cultural relations between Southeast Asia and Latin America. With a proven track record, LatAmCham plays a crucial role in facilitating trading, export opportunities, and commercial exchanges contributing to the dynamic business environment between both regions.





As the representative voice of Latin American companies, we provide value for our members by fostering a robust ecosystem that promotes the establishment and growth of their businesses. 



To be acknowledged as a pivotal institution in the business landscape, serving as a facilitator for commercial exchanges and fostering robust connections between Latin America and Southeast Asia regions.






  • Champion the interests of Latin American companies in Southeast Asia through advocacy and collaboration.
  • Facilitate and enhance trade and investments between Southeast Asia and Latin America.
  • Cultivate cross-cultural relations between the regions.




Over the past decade, LatAmCham has evolved significantly. What began as a networking platform has transformed into a robust business development engine for our members. Within this dynamic environment, brainstorming sessions have not only identified promising business opportunities but have also cultivated them into solid foundations. These opportunities have germinated, sprouted, and reached new heights, demonstrating the substantial growth that LatAmCham has facilitated for its members.





We boast and extensive network of strategic partnerships with like-minded trade associations and chambers of commerce. Through collaborative efforts, we empower our members to optimize business opportunities. Whether you represent a trade association or chamber or commerce in Latin America seeking to broaden your connections in Southeast Asia, or viceversa, we invite you to engage with our Head of Partnership and Alliances, Felipe Espinosa at felipe.espinosa@latamcham.org Together, we leverage synergies to amplify impact and foster mutually beneficial outcomes. 



The LatAmCham is a registered association under the Registry of Societies of Singapore with UEN T14SS0021D. You can access the Constitution of the LatAmCham here