Embark on your journey into the Latin American or Southeast Asian market with the invaluable assistance of LatAmCham. Choose the service that aligns most effectively with your business objectives, and rest assured that our dedicated team stands prepared to provide you with solid support.

Why Latam?


Latin America is an emerging economy representing a world of opportunities for international players.

The process of establishing companies in this region is straightforward, and there are minimal restrictions on foreign capital (with many jurisdictions allowing 100% foreign ownership).

Why Singapore


Singapore's reputation as a business-friendly, stable, and well-connected city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia makes it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their businesses in the region.

Singapore has consistently ranked highly in ease of doing business indices.

Business Matchmaking

Business Matchmaking

Our comprehensive service extends from market understanding to facilitating crucial connections with potential business partners.

Choose us for a seamless journey into new markets, where every detail is meticulously addressed to ensure the success of your business endeavours.

Market Approch

Market Approach

Interested in gaining deeper insights into the Southeast Asia or Latin America market?

We can assist you with comprehensive market studies, exploratory business missions, or locating the specific product you require through our product sourcing services.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support

Assistance to Latin American companies when joining fairs in Southeast Asia or supporting other event organizations.

Access to specially curated Cultural Awareness and Language courses like Spanish for business.