The LatAmCham serves as the Southeast Asia desk for the Brazilian National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, known as "CNA". 

CNA is a prominent employer's organization, advocates for over five million farmers spanning small, medium, and large-scale operations in various sectors of agriculture and livestock throughout Brazil. 

With a mission to represent, organize, and fortify rural producers on both national and international fronts, CNA operates through three international desks in China, Dubai and Singapore. These strategic hubs facilitate the global outreach of Brazilian farmers and their products, employing a diverse range of programs and initiatives.

For inquires regarding agricultural or livestock products from Brazil to Southeast Asia, please reach out directly to Angela Torres at

More About CNA:

CNA's website (Portuguese Only)

Brazilian Farmers website (English Only) 

AGRO.Br Brazilian Food Products ready to be exported, all products are described with contact details of the producers. 



At the core of LatAmCham is our commitment to representing organizations and companies seeking support in the Southeast Asia region. We offer a wealth of talent, extensive connections, and in-depth knowledge about the region to expedite business development, facilitating the swift establishment of companies, associations, or trade offices.

Inquire more about these services and opportunities directly with our colleague Felipe Espinos at